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Our Services

GlassPass is a UK recognised certification for flat glass manufacturers using recycled content and demolition contractors that remove glass for recycling.

Through annual subscription, environmentally conscious specialists will allow businesses and consumers to identify, purchase and use glass products that use a higher recycled content and use professionals that strive to keep glass in the circular economy loop.

Clients will also have access to a list of certified demolition contractors that perform on site disassembly, sorting and separation according to our protocol and the requirements from the flat glass manufacturers in order to ensure that the glass can be retrieved to be recycled as flat glass again. 

Our multi-disciplinary team involves, architects, designers and sustainability consultants providing quality control and services under the guardianship of the RIBA Re-Fabrication Program.

One-off certification
Annual Subscription

Annual subscription allows our team to assess and track all new flat glass products that our clients release on the market, while ensuring the sustainable products are recognised, certified and promoted.

As part of our annual subscription, our team provides a lifecycle carbon assessment on each new recycled glass product. 

We help our clients in their pursuit for Environmental Declaration Product certificates and we ensure that each new product is recognised by all leading lifecycle carbon assessment tools. 

Material Passport Consultation

We invite and help all stakeholders along the chain - from the architects to the developers. By creating a community, GlassPass ensures that no opportunity is missed, and the existing stock of buildings today hold precious supply of glass. Our 'One-off certification' service is also extended to all landlords and property developers, who wish to benefit by entering any physical glass assets to the GlassPass database.

For flat glass manufacturers who have a wide range of products and are still testing the grounds for recycled flat glass, we offer a one-off GlassPass product label. This requires a filled material reporting template as per the UK Government Circular Economy Statement Guidance (more information under Documentation and Templates).


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