Meet the team:

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Ana Bretes

Ana is the Sustainability Champion for Adamson Associates UK, spearheading their sustainability policy and driving green ambition for the company.

A strong advocate of pushing architecture and construction towards sustainable and circular practices, Ana co-created GlassPass to offer an innovative, simple solution to the problem of glass waste in construction. 

Ana's ambition is to promote integrated and inspirational built environments; that not only meet the aesthetic and practical needs of their users but that strive for the health and wellbeing of the communities and the environment in which they are placed.


Hrabrina Nikolova

Hrabrina is a creative environmental designer with an interdisciplinary approach to dissecting and targeting complex urban areas. Her work aims to expand the methods through which architectural practices and construction methods can improve living conditions, bring social and environmental equality, and challenge institutional and governmental bodies to act on the current climatic crisis. She is a co-founder of GlassPass and is also working for Max Fordham as a sustainability consultant developing bespoke sustainability visions and key performance indicators for high profile clients and local authorities. 

Her skills in holistic strategic planning have been at the forefront of climate-conscious architectural design. She has been involved in international projects in Brazil, Costa Rica, and India, transferring knowledge and skills in favor of segregated communities and climate-devastated areas. She has numerous contributions towards the changing architectural academic curriculum pushing for environmental design and sustainable architecture to become the new norm.