Costs & Subscriptions 

Subscription Overview
There are different levels of subscriptions you can purchase with GlassPass depending on your required services. Below highlights the different packages available 
Annual Subscription
Assess New Glass
Track and Trace service
Product Release Licensing
Certification Recognition
Promotion of Certification
Access to Online Database
One to one advice on Environmental Declaration Product Certification
Lifecycle Carbon assessment on each new recycled glass product
Intergration to all leading lifecycle carbon assessment tools
Quality control assessment and certification acknowledgment 
Site Visits by Approved Personel or one of our team
VIP Access to new product updates 
VIP Online advice and help services 
VIP Template and Documentation access
One-off Certification
Facade manufacturers with a wide range of products
Unlimited access to GlassPass Community 
Unlimited access to GlassPass Database of existing stock and assets
Material Passport Consultation
Limited access to GlassPass Community 
Limited access to GlassPass Database of existing stock and assets
VIP consultation from one of the GlassPass specalists 
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