Regulations & Compliances

Our main priority is to support businesses of any size in their pursue of greener and circular modes of manufacturing. By integrating GLassPass certification within the process, we guarantee that, without any further actions, their products will be in-line with the government's aspirations for reducing emissions in construction. Below are some of the regulations and policies which  our services and your GlassPass products are responding to:
Draft London Plan (Dec 2019 - Intention to Publish)
Policy SI 7 of the Draft London Plan outlines proposals on ‘Reducing waste and supporting the circular economy’.
Point A1 of this policy calls specifically for waste planning authorities and industry professionals to collaborate to achieve reductions in waste, and improvements in resource conservation and material reuse.
Point A5a of the same policy sets out a requirement for the construction/demolition industry to meet or exceed a 95% reuse/recycle/recovery target in its waste and material stream. 
British Standards has regulated the circular economy approach since 2017 through its ISO 20400_2017 Sustainable procurement plan.
What isn't included in this regulation is any recycled content for glass despite doing so for every other major construction material. GlassPass' goal is for this to change. With the right regulations in place to enable this, we can ensure less of the limited raw material (sand), is used in glass manufacture and that less energy is used in the production process of glass. 
BREEAM has two sections in which GlassPass could be integrated. 
'Section 9: Materials' looks at the responsible sourcing of materials and their life cycle impacts. Currently, there is no mention or standard for glass in terms of sourcing or recycled content. 
'Section 10: Waste' monitors the environmental impacts of construction waste disposal. There is currently no mention of how best to dispose of construction-grade glass despite the fact that it is a fully recyclable material capable of cradle to cradle use. Window frames are included in this compliance, but not the glass itself.