GlassPass RIBA Re-Fabricate Project Showcase

As part of RIBA Re-Fabricate Team Aggregate + Glass, GlassPass chose to tackle the current annual 200,000 tonnes of Glass Construction waste.

Initially, we discussed ideas on what glass waste could be used for, such as interlocking recycled glass blocks and recycled Spandrel panels. 

Through research and networking with Flat Glass Manufacturers such as Saint Gobain, Guardian Glass, URM and Erith, we focused ideas on how to improve the recycling process. 

The product GlassPass is an Environmental certification service. Which aims to exaggerate the upcycling process through the gathering and storing of glass property data on current and new façade glass stock to ensure the products are recycled at the end of the products life cycle. Find out more about RIBA Re-fabricate here:

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