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Triathlon, UK
Type of project: New build; Logistics
Status: Ongoing

Triathlon is a logistics building designed by Chetwoods for DHL. 

The project has high sustainable ambitions and is currently one of GlassPass' pilot projects. GlassPass has been engaging with the wider team and liaising with Elite Aluminium, Dual Seal, and Saint Gobain to collect the data on the new glass to be installed in the project.


The Portland House, London, UK
Type of project: Refurbishment, Fit-out
Status: Ongoing

The contact with the design, sustainability, and demolition teams have proved essential to understanding the importance of early engagement of all stakeholders and of allowance of space and time to allow for the glass to be disassembled and properly separated and stored, in order to avoid contamination and, subsequently increasing the chances of the cullet to be sent back to flat glass production. 


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The VERDE Building, London, UK
Type of Project: Refurbishment, Fit-out
Status: Completed

Did you know that the Verde building uses 85% recycled glass for its facade?

Verde SW1 was an instrumental case study during the research of the GlassPass team on glass recycling. 

It helped us understand the current constraints to post-consumer glass recycling.