Circular Economy Statement

Today, more than ever, COVID-19  gives the construction industry a chance to slow down the manufacturing process and re-think how businesses can enter the circular economy moving forward. At the beginning of 2020 the Royal Institute of British Architects announced the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge, calling for reducing carbon emissions below 300 kgCO2 per square meter* by the end of the first decade. 

GlassPass recognises the challenges for construction glass manufacturing to enter this new model of waste minimisation and resource optimisation. Therefore, circularity is at the backbone of everything we do, and our main priority is to ease the transition to 100% upcycled glass in construction.

Needless to say - our operations are shadowing the best practices of recycled glass facade manufacturing, while our services are virtual, flexible, and transparent, keeping our own emissions to net zero.

Using technology to the best for our benefit - GlassPass labels are fully dismantled and recycled, while data is stored and secured on our servers.