Did you know that the Verde building uses 85% recycled glass for its facade?

GlassPass is a first of its kind

up-cycled glass certification


GlassPass is a service that provides a Glass DNA database that collates, tags and tracks certified glass products. 

Starting with your mobile phone you can buy and read our unique GlassPass certified ID tags to print on certified glass products,  to use and access our database to help bridge the gap to ensure glass is efficiently recycled, reused on your own projects or sold in future.


Certified products include internal and external windows, balustrades and much more. 


GlassPass is striving to achieve ISO 14025  accreditation - this process is currently pending.

Did you know that the Verde building uses 85% recycled glass for its facade? *****


200,000 Tonnes 




Glass waste per annum from the construction industry **

of the glass recycled in the construction industry is


manufacturers in the UK recycle glass from construction/demolition sites

less energy required to create new glass from recycled materials opposed to raw materials ***

Create a future for all to enjoy!


We aim to create a community of glass manufacturers, facade engineers, landlords and architects by introducing an environmental glass certificate for improving sustainable procurement and reducing waste



Alert us via our Contact form or App to inform us for: 

Damaged glass window?

End of building life?

End of Warranty or product life?


Select one of our licensed contractors to remove and replace it for you.

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We will send a list of licenced contractors to choose from to remove the glass off-site ensuring its safe and uncontaminated delivery back to the designated factory/ Manufacturer for recycling

End of Warranty/

product life?

Contact one of the licensed contractors from our list to visually assess the product and to either replace or recycle or extend your glass product license warranty

*See 'About Us' for details on glass recycling process


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