GlassPass is a first of its kind

database for low-carbon construction glass. 

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GlassPass is a project resulting from the Re-Fabricate program at the Royal Institute of British Architects after the announcement of the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge

GlassPass aims to assist construction glass in entering the circular economy by providing a platform for waste minimisation and resource optimisation throughout the whole lifecycle of the building - from design stage to end-of-life. This innovative approach bridges material passporting with the process of up-cycling. 

   We are a community of architects, glass manufacturers, façade engineers, and landlords  who are passionate about the environment, want to bring down the embodied carbon of their project while being part of the circular economy.    

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200,000 Tonnes 




Glass waste per annum from the construction industry

of the glass recycled in the construction industry is


manufacturers in the UK recycle glass from construction/

demolition sites

less energy required to create new glass from recycled materials opposed to raw materials

Create a future for all to enjoy!



GlassPass helps diverting glass from landfill or from being downcycled by creating a much-needed link between architects, engineers, demolition contractors, and glazing manufacturers.


A database is created each time a glass panel with recycled content is produced.

Free and easy to access, our library helps specifiers who wish to reduce the carbon footprint of their project to access this data. Through creating demand for low-carbon, high recycled content, this service aims to support the growing need for a circular economic model in construction materials manufacturing.  

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The Portland House, London, UK

Type of project: Refurbishment, Fit-out

Status: Ongoing

The VERDE Building, London, UK

Type of Project: Refurbishment, Fit-out

Status: Completed

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Did you know that the Verde building uses 85% recycled glass for its facade?